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PharmaTech Outlook: Optimizing the Migration from Veeva CRM to Vault CRM for the Life Sciences

– Originally published in PharmaTech Outlook Magazine

Back in 2007, Veeva Systems’ introduction to the market transformed the CRM landscape for life sciences companies forever. The members of BridgeView Life Sciences’ Executive Leadership team were engaged as Veeva’s first Services partner. Today, over 15 years later, still a certified Veeva partner, BridgeView supports clients in over 40 countries and has completed more than 150 projects using tools in Veeva’s Commercial Cloud (CRM, Network,      Link, OpenData, PromoMats, and MedComms).

At the heart of BridgeView lies a deep well of technical expertise, focusing on addressing needs related to transformative initiatives like product launches, market expansion, mergers and acquisitions, and operational improvement programs. Yet the essence of the company’s      work stretches far beyond just being the information technology enablement accelerators.

More than just a facilitator of technology enablement, BridgeView embodies a team equipped with real-world life sciences expertise, which uniquely positions them as catalysts for transformation, leveraging Veeva Systems to deliver measurable outcomes for engagement with providers, payers, and patients alike. 

“While Veeva’s professional services arm excels in deploying their technologies, BridgeView’s role complements this by bringing a depth of industry knowledge and a bespoke engagement framework to each migration project by mapping and replicating custom-coded objects and data integrations,” says Mihales Karasavas, Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer. 

BridgeView has recently unveiled its proprietary framework to enable clients’ seamless transition from the existing Veeva CRM application to the new Veeva Vault CRM. While BridgeView will be supporting  the CRM migration, the company will also plan for and manage      data integrations between Veeva platforms and non-Veeva systems. 

Herein lies BridgeView’s specialty in managing these external data integrations which are often the biggest risk in these efforts. It bridges this gap by leveraging the knowledge of Veeva’s ecosystem plus the surrounding data landscape, ensuring every aspect of the client’s systems is harmoniously integrated and optimized for their business needs. 

“Our strategic consulting and SaaS products accelerate the process of mapping data integrations and future ecosystem data flow.  Then our transformation team performs the work needed to get clients from their current state to their future vision, supporting them every step of the way,” says Karasavas.

The leadership team at BridgeView plays a crucial role in this context, drawing on their more than 25 years of industry experience. Having been in clients’ shoes and working directly with Veeva, they bring a unique perspective to the table. This first-hand experience with the challenges their clients face allows them to implement industry best practices and set new standards of excellence.

Their skills and insights stretch into specialized areas, too, particularly around Veeva’s quality assurance and regulatory technology offerings. It’s a testament to their holistic approach to service, ensuring no stone is left unturned in pursuit of client success.

Regarded as one of the top-rated commercial technology solution providers, BridgeView’s role as the gold sponsor for the 2024 Veeva Commercial Summit in Boston is another reflection of its prominence within the ecosystem. These endeavors emphasize its deep-seated connection and commitment to the industry in fostering innovation in the life sciences.