BridgeView Life Sciences

About BridgeView

Meet the team transforming emerging and commercial enterprises in life sciences.

BridgeView Partners’ leadership team brings decades of strategic acumen, a wealth of technical knowledge, and hundreds of successful business transformations to your commercial initiatives. Whether engaging us for advisory, transformation, or managed services, you’re guaranteed to work with the industry’s most talented and driven professionals, from planning to ground-level execution.

Michael Zubey

CEO, BridgeView Life Sciences

Michael is a visionary leader renowned for his transformative data solution and leadership in the biotech services industry. With his extensive executive experience, he’s propelled BridgeView to the forefront of innovation, pioneering breakthroughs in patient data management and analytics. Zubey’s relentless commitment to advancing healthcare has led him into simultaneous roles as adjunct professor at Villanova University and also as a Panel Member of a private equity biotech investment firm.

Mihales Karasavas

CCO, BridgeView Life Sciences

Mihales is a perceptive leader driving commercial success in the biotech sector. With a keen understanding of market dynamics built upon his career of delivering client solutions and his strategic approach to business development, he’s become an award winnging business leader, who is now instrumental in expanding BridgeView’s market reach and driving revenue growth. Karasavas’ commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions solidifies BridgeView’s position as a leader in delivering impactful solutions in life sciences.

James Corbett

COO, BridgeView Life Sciences

James brings unparalleled expertise in operations management to the forefront of the biotech services landscape. With a proven history of optimizing processes and driving growth, he’s instrumental in ensuring the continuation of their independently acclaimed, highest rating of quality services delivery and client satisfaction. Corbett’s leadership and dedication to excellence stem from his history of leading commercial operations in industry for numerous global life sciences organizations and now positions BridgeView as a frontrunner in delivering cutting-edge solutions in life sciences.

Sankalp Shrivastava

CTO, BridgeView Life Sciences

Sankalp is a pioneering technologist at the forefront of innovation in biotech. With a profound understanding of technology’s role in advancing healthcare, he drives BridgeView’s technological strategy, spearheading the development of their numerous cutting-edge platform technology solutions. Shrivastava’s visionary leadership ensures BridgeView remains at the forefront of leveraging technology to revolutionize the life sciences industry, cementing its position as an industry leader of platform technology solutions.

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